This form is a requirement for all new hires. ANW needs information specified below for personnel records and to set up employee information for the time card system. All other paperwork pertaining to payroll, W-4's, etc. will be handled at the 'New Para Roles & Responsibilities' orientation. Those meetings are held at the end of each month during the school year. Supervisors will be notified of meetings for their new employee.


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ANW Education Co-op #603
Central Office

710 Bridge Street
PO Box 207
Humboldt, KS 66748

Phone: 620-473-2257
or 1-800-573-2257
Fax: 620-473-2159
Hours: 8am-4pm Central


Region 1 – Sheila Coronado

Region 2 – Harry Heppler

Region 3 – Chuck Wood

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