Purpose of B.A.I.T.
•    to help children make a positive changes in their behavior
•    support local building teams that work with elementary-aged children who display severe, challenging behaviors
•    to provide crisis support services
B.A.I.T. Members
    B.A.I.T program team members include: School Psychologist/Coordinator, para-educators and Day School Teacher.  B.A.I.T. para-educators receive ongoing training in Applied Behavior Analysis, the functional behavior assessment process, observations, data collection techniques, as well as team building and collaboration skills.
Referral Information
Appropriate referrals would be students who...
•    display significant aggressive behavior and/or extreme disruptive behavior
•    continue to exhibit aggressive and/or disruptive behavior after ongoing assessments and implementation of various behavior supports & FBA/BIP implementation
•    may require frequent restrictive interventions such as isolated time-out and physical restraints
•    may be referred for the day program
The referral liaison would be the school psychologist.

Probable Interventions
•    assistance with observations, data collection and all other components of a behavioral assessment
•    intervention planning
•    intervention implementation
•    crisis support
•    interagency collaboration assistance
•    student involvement (could be direct, indirect or consultative)
•    staff training
•    student monitoring and data form creation
•    curriculum suggestions
Crisis Support
    Crisis support services will be available to ALL students who engage in frequent episodes of extreme disruptive behavior and/or harmful forms of aggression.
     Services could include assisting SIT and IEP teams in implementation of behavior interventions, crisis prevention & response planning and/or help with physical restraint procedures.

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ANW Education Co-op #603
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Phone: 620-473-2257
or 1-800-573-2257
Fax: 620-473-2159
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Sheila Coronado - Interim Director, Fairfield Alt. Program Coordinator, Title IX Director 

Harry Heppler - Coordinator, Transportation Supervisor, Para Supervisor

Lynette Brungardt - Early Childhood Coordinator / School Psychologist

  • All Preschools
  • USD 257 McKinley
  • School Psychologist Coordinator
  • Speech & Language Pathologist Coordinator

Anne Brewer - Curriculum Coordinator / School Psychologist

Korenne Wolken - Coordinator

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