ANW Education Co-op employs two nurses, and a Hearing and Vision specialist. 

These health professionals deliver indirect services through in-services and training of staff members in each school.  The health staff will obtain necessary medical records and set up Individual Health Care Plans for students with health needs that affect the educational setting.  Nursing staff may attend IEP meetings where there are health issues or other exceptionalities to offer nursing advice.

Vision and hearing screenings are conducted by our hearing and vision specialist.

In addition, nursing staff will:

  • Teach Universal Precautions and Blood-borne Pathogens Training to all staff
  • Check for head lice, evaluate head lice concerns, and offers teaching/training to guardians on how to treat and manage this issue
  • Offer health assessments on students and determine whether they can remain at school and notify parents if there is elevation in temp or other symptoms
  • Assist parents in finding proper health/dental care, and assist with Medicaid forms
  • Train and monitor non-nursing staff on medication administration and documentation
  • Set up blood born pathogen kits for ANW School Buses, ANW Preschools and other ANW programs
  • Offer CPR & First Aid classes to staff members
  • Assesses ALL employees with non-emergency injuries incurred in the performance of their duties

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ANW Education Co-op #603
Central Office

710 Bridge Street
PO Box 207
Humboldt, KS 66748

Phone: 620-473-2257
or 1-800-573-2257
Fax: 620-473-2159
Hours: 8am-4pm Central



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Sheila Coronado - Interim Director, Fairfield Alt. Program Coordinator, Title IX Director 

Harry Heppler - Coordinator, Transportation Supervisor, Para Supervisor

Lynette Brungardt - Early Childhood Coordinator / School Psychologist

  • All Preschools
  • USD 257 McKinley
  • School Psychologist Coordinator
  • Speech & Language Pathologist Coordinator

Anne Brewer - Curriculum Coordinator / School Psychologist

Korenne Wolken - Coordinator

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