Speech/Language Pathology

Role of ANW Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP):

The SLP is an integral part of the educational team, developing and implementing intervention plans to treat students from preschool through high school age that have difficulty using communication functionally and effectively within the educational setting. 

The SLP provides intervention in a variety of communication areas which include articulation (speech sound production), receptive language (language a student understands), expressive language (language a student can produce), voice, fluency (includes stuttering) and pragmatics (social language).  The SLP also helps develop and implement augmentative communication plans for non-verbal and minimally verbal students.

The SLP must observe, screen and/or evaluate students’ communication skills.  If students meet eligibility for the service, either General Education Intervention plans or Individual Education Plans (IEP) are developed, each written specific to students’ needs and aligned with district and state standards and outcomes .  Service delivery models include indirect and direct therapy intervention.  The SLP provides intervention which is in keeping with ‘best practice’ for all students whom have communication disorders.

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Sheila Coronado - Interim Director, Fairfield Alt. Program Coordinator, Title IX Director 

Harry Heppler - Coordinator, Transportation Supervisor, Para Supervisor

Lynette Brungardt - Early Childhood Coordinator / School Psychologist

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  • School Psychologist Coordinator
  • Speech & Language Pathologist Coordinator

Anne Brewer - Curriculum Coordinator / School Psychologist

Korenne Wolken - Coordinator

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